Monday, January 24, 2011

Wild Weekends...........

OK......Anyone else feel that they did pretty good throughout the week with structure/food/exercise, and then during the weekend everything just goes to ^#%&#????? This weekend was my birthday, and of course the Bear/Packer game (I'm from up North, and come from a family of BIG Bear fans---party at our house of course!) Not to mention, had another b-day party to go to this weekend for my nephew.....What to do when they have prepared special deep dish "Chicago style" pizza and chocolate cake for you SPECIAL just for you for your b-day----not to mention having your favorite red wine on hand??????? OK.....I caved. It's back on!


  1. We all fall, the important thing is to get back up. Which sounds like you are, don't dwell on it, just keep going ;)
    Happy Birthday!

  2. No worries! You did it, you logged it, now hop back in the saddle and get moving again. WE are human. Don't beat yourself up. You are doing great and we will all go through the same thing one time or another. I caved on day least yours was a special occassion! Hope your birthday was fabulous!