Monday, January 31, 2011

New week, new outlook

So, I had a great weekend with friends and family......a much needed one. This morning, I started my week by watching my 2 beautiful neices --one of which is only 3 yrs old, and had her 2nd open heart surgery just over a month ago. You will never see any little girl smile as big or genuinely as my neice Ella, despite everything she has gone through. Kind of humbled me, and made me look at things in a different perspective this morning.  So, new week, new outlook!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wild Weekends...........

OK......Anyone else feel that they did pretty good throughout the week with structure/food/exercise, and then during the weekend everything just goes to ^#%&#????? This weekend was my birthday, and of course the Bear/Packer game (I'm from up North, and come from a family of BIG Bear fans---party at our house of course!) Not to mention, had another b-day party to go to this weekend for my nephew.....What to do when they have prepared special deep dish "Chicago style" pizza and chocolate cake for you SPECIAL just for you for your b-day----not to mention having your favorite red wine on hand??????? OK.....I caved. It's back on!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breath in, breath out...........

So, I tried meditating for the first time last night. Amazing how hard it is to try to clear your mind, and just concentrate on your breathing. Guess that proves I gotta make some room in there, and clear out some of the junk. Went to Trader Joe's the other day, and stocked up on green/white teas.....not my usual coffee....but at least it keeps my caffeine headaches under control (my body is going through withdrawls from lack of coffee and diet Dr. Pepper!) Wrote out a meal plan for the week for myself/my family for the first time daughter Samanta is excited at the prospect of helping out in the kitchen and cooking with me! Got my kid's to eat asparagus this week, and baked fish-----who knew!? Even made them a black bean brownie (recipe from my sister who is currently doing Weight Watcher's---thanks Katie!) that my kiddos and husband LOVE!!! I think that Chris hit the nail on the head when he says we have to slow down....and be aware of ourselves/surroundings before we can know what/why we do things, and then try to change our behaviors.......That's my own personal goal this start cleaning out the extra stuff that keeps me from having ample time to enjoy/focus on the things that really count........starting now.......breath in, breath out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Deal with it!

Thank you Sherri....sorry I got a little emotional on you last night.....Lot's of things going on in this mind of mine. I feel as though the "white elephant" in my room, is finally being dealt with after all these years. So glad that you and Kelly are going to be mentors for this program! I know it's time to Deal with it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

People make all the difference.......

I woke up today to see the comment by Sherri on my last blog post.  It made me realize why I like going to PR so much, and why I believe this BTWG program is going to work........It's the people.  Have you ever been in a job, where the work situation sucks, but your co-workers are awesome? (I did for a 9 yr stretch one time!)  I've been trying to log my calories/workouts the last few days....and am trying to get into the mode ( I know we don't "officially" start yet, but trying to get into the habit) as this is all very new to me.  I did the Level 2/month 1 strength/toning workout yesterday too.....not to mention shoveling snow from our driveway and our neighbor's too! (Even though we have a snowblower in the garage----impressed Chris!?) I'm definately feeling it today! I am definately trying to do more positive "self talk"...though I've gotten a few strange stares from my kiddos and husband...hope everyone else is doing great! Glad we're all in this together!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Higher Power

Well, I made it through reading the whole binder.....and I have to say, I'm a little nervous. In the past, I have always been able to meet my physical goals (though I always have had problems with maintenance). The component of really taking the time to explore my inner wellness is what is really freaking me out. There are lots of issues that I know I need to deal with, that are not going to be easy. As well as exercising more, I know that I will be praying more too these next 12 weeks. I'm trying to keep in mind, "you are more than the choices that you've made, you are more than the sum of your past mistakes, you've been remade!"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Why is it sometimes, that the ones who should love and support you the most, turn out to be the ones that sabatoge your forward strides? Just saying.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mental Makeover

Trying to psych myself up for the BTWP.......Feel like I will be able to do the physical work ok....but know that I definately need to get in the right mind set. Just feel like I've been in a rut lately.....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gotta start Somewhere

The song...."If you gotta start somewhere why not here?....If you gotta start sometime, why not now?" Has been playing in my head for the last several weeks.  I feel excited and blessed to know that I am going to be part of a group that I truly believe will "get it done". Looking forward to meeting everyone, and starting on our journey together---Judi