Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breath in, breath out...........

So, I tried meditating for the first time last night. Amazing how hard it is to try to clear your mind, and just concentrate on your breathing. Guess that proves I gotta make some room in there, and clear out some of the junk. Went to Trader Joe's the other day, and stocked up on green/white teas.....not my usual coffee....but at least it keeps my caffeine headaches under control (my body is going through withdrawls from lack of coffee and diet Dr. Pepper!) Wrote out a meal plan for the week for myself/my family for the first time daughter Samanta is excited at the prospect of helping out in the kitchen and cooking with me! Got my kid's to eat asparagus this week, and baked fish-----who knew!? Even made them a black bean brownie (recipe from my sister who is currently doing Weight Watcher's---thanks Katie!) that my kiddos and husband LOVE!!! I think that Chris hit the nail on the head when he says we have to slow down....and be aware of ourselves/surroundings before we can know what/why we do things, and then try to change our behaviors.......That's my own personal goal this start cleaning out the extra stuff that keeps me from having ample time to enjoy/focus on the things that really count........starting now.......breath in, breath out!


  1. Judi, how wonderful to hear that Samantha has found another way to build beautiful memories with her momma! These are the real purposes of food - fellowship and nourishment and connection. How wonderful you're already witnessing them.

  2. You are doing great! So glad we get to go through this together.

  3. Judi, thanks for your post, it put a huge and needed smile on my face today! I am so glad you did the meditation, and I find it really hard to slow down and do it, too - especially when I am not sure what to expect (so much different than doing a WOD or cleaning house or cooking food, right?)I just started back again and so far, I am still just concentrating on counting up and down as I breathe and wondering when the timer will go off... it's a practice and a process ... I love that you are cooking new foods with your daughter - YEAH! That is one thing I loved the most about this project - what it allowed me to bring to the whole family!
    Way to go, see you Saturday!